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I started to be interested in photography when I had my  Asus j206 phone then I borrowed a Fuji Digicam. Thankfully, my supportive mom bought me a Kodak 538 which I later on sold to buy Casio. I was really determined to pursue my passion. That is why, I earned money to buy a DSLR. My first DSLR camera was canon 550D which I bought in December 2010. That is when I really dedicated a part of my life for photography. I even travelled all the way to pampanga for funshoots just to build my own brand and portfolio. If I remember it correctly, the names of my first models are Pamela, Rhey Mari and Melanie.

My first one on one photo was with my friend Rina. My first photo shoot gig was a birthday coverage which was recommended by Hazel, one of my good friends. I didn’t even have an external flash back then, and I was only using digicam for video coverage. Fast forward to 2013, imajepix was created. Imaje for pictures or litrato, je for jen and jeff and pix for pixels. I am a full time database administrator and a part-time freelance photographer. We have a team composed of freelance photographers and videographers. Meet my team below who does the awesome works you see here.

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